The Effect of AFR on Combustion Temperature In Cyclone Combustor With Syngas From Rice Husk

  • F.X. Eko Arianto Jurusan Mesin Industri, Politeknik Industri ATMI
  • Oktavianus Ardian Nugroho Jurusan Mesin Industri, Politeknik Industri ATMI
Keywords: Sekam padi, cyclone combustor, syngas, gasifikasi


Cyclone combustor is a type of combustor that can make a good mixing between fuel and air and uses a turbulence effect, so it is very suitable to used for low calorific fuel like syngas. The syngas that used in this experiment is produced from rice husk gasification, the composition are H2 13,6%, CO 14,9%, CO2 12,9% dan CH4 2,3% [1]. From the experiment at AFR = 1,59 the highest temperatur is 826 ͦ C, AFR = 1,14 the highest temperatur is 838 ͦ C, AFR = 0,69 the highest temperatur is 570 ͦ C.